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Inner Beauty

Celebrating the artistry of the everyday with a captivating collection of still life artworks each offering a unique perspective on the little things that make up a home.

Sherilyn Halligan • Fiona Philipps
Annie Waring

Thursday 27th June – Saturday 27th July
Thursday – Saturday 10am – 4pm

Sherilyn Halligan

“Working intuitively each painting merges from my experiences, memories and observations. Bright colours bold marks and playful textures have worked their way into my new floral and interior paintings. Essentially still abstract but with more defining marks. The interior scenes  are more like room sets; familiar objects and pieces of furniture belonging to friends or family find themselves in unfamiliar settings.”

Fiona Philipps

“My collection of paintings is inspired not only by my home and garden but also draws upon memories of my childhood. the paintings explore my thoughts on both the human and animal desire to create a home. However grand or modest it may be, it is still home.”

Annie Waring

We are delighted to be able to include a few of Annie Waring’s beautiful floral still life paintings in this exhibition.