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Three local artists take a colourful and quirky look at urban life.

Anna Clark • Clare Flinn
Peter Cameron

Thursday 1st February – Saturday 2nd March
Thursday – Saturday 10am – 4pm

Anna Clark

The starting points for Anna’s pieces are often photographs taken during her wanderings around Wirral and beyond – sometimes taken from a moving train or car, or perhaps as a sequence of snapshots whilst walking. Back in the studio she enjoys the challenge of trying to capture these fleeting moments and day to day places and giving them an artistic makeover.

Clare Flinn

Clare has lived most of her adult life in Liverpool, and often returns to the city’s classic buildings and street life as subject matter in her paintings.  She now lives and works in Hoylake, so Wirral urban life has also crept into this collection.  Clare’s paintings are about the joy of paint and colour; this series is worked in acrylics to enable the build up of many layers of colour.

Peter Cameron