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be | longing

Three artists explore landscape and reconnection through photography, oil paint and watercolour with
Eli Pascall-Willis | Janine Pinion | Donalda O’Neill
and featuring sculpture by
Ralph Shuttleworth

Eli Pascall-Willis

Eli Pascall-Willis is a professional photographer living and working on the Wirral peninsula. His varied career in photography has included landscapes, commercial architecture and fine art printing. It is his passion for producing prints that by far stands out the most for him. His limited edition prints are collected internationally.

Eli clearly remembers owning a camera at the age of ten. However, it was not until his mid-twenties when he found himself behind a friend’s SLR, which ignited his passion for image-making, initially with black and white film and printing in a darkroom. It also took him into the landscape, where he spent much of his time exploring various parts of the UK. In more recent years Eli has found himself drawn more and more to woodlands. His fascination for trees comes from early memories as a child living in Mid-Wales, exploring, climbing and making dens. He now seeks to further understand woodland habitats and capture their essence. Doing this gives him a feeling of calm and belonging.

All of Eli’s prints in this exhibition come from many hours exploring woodlands on the Wirral, North Wales, the Peak District and Cheshire. He returns time and time again when there is the possibility of the right light to suit the scene. Once captured Eli chooses the finest archival papers to ensure the lifelong longevity of each print.

Janine Pinion

Janine was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland but moved to study Fine Art at Liverpool Polytechnic in 1977 and later made Wirral her home. Since 2011 she has painted almost exclusively in watercolour, enjoying its natural texture and elemental processes. The coast, from saltmarsh to sandy, tidal plains, is a constant subject and link to her birthplace — the call of ‘home’ remains strong. Janine favours atmosphere and emotion over subject and detail, being moved by light and subtle colour, and undefined points of interest in the distance which she realises is an echo of that need for connection, of reclaiming her roots, language and familiar ways. Recently she has been painting a new series based on extended visits to care for her late father, though the main body of work on show in the gallery focuses on the north and west Wirral coastline.

Donalda O’Neill

Donalda O’Neill is originally from Co.Armagh, Northern Ireland. She moved to Liverpool in 1997 to complete her Fine Art degree and has lived and worked on the Wirral since 2013.

For her, painting the landscape is about questioning her own sense of belonging. She finds herself returning again and again towards the beautiful, often bleak and desolate landscapes of her childhood in Ireland, Donegal in particular, the North coast and the Mourne mountains. Landscapes that she describes as being both incredible and impossible at once. She says, “Returning to places that are imbued with memory creates a feeling of nostalgia for half remembered places and the joy of discovering something new in the familiar.”

Some of her paintings sit on that boundary between figuration and abstraction. She works in oils, applying the paint quickly with gestural marks, allowing memory and emotive connections to play a part in the painting’s evolution. It is the sense of the holding onto the intangible details of a place as she travels through, chasing something that is in constant flux, the transiency of the moment that becomes important to her. A landscape which is both immediate and distant, constantly changing while somehow remaining strong and eternal.

Donalda completed an Artist/Teacher Fine Art MA at LJMU in 2007 and has exhibited in Liverpool, Wirral and at the BALTIC. She lives in Oxton and teaches Fine Art A-Level.

Ralph Shuttleworth

Ralph is a sculptor working primarily in wood, who uses movement within the material to form sculptures with intriguing, elegant forms. His contemporary style draws on both traditional woodworking techniques and modern technology to create unique gestural pieces. Ralph’s work is a collaboration between natural processes and human involvement, in order to create sculptures with a clean yet organic feel.

He started working with wood in various ways in 2017 and was part of many ‘Emerging Talent’ exhibitions and awards. Ralph continues to exhibit across the country in selected exhibitions and events. After graduating from his Furniture Design degree in 2021, Ralph has continued his work with movement, with a focus on sculptural works in both wood and metals, which encapsulate the energy and elegance different materials can have.

Ralph now works from his studio at the Sculpture Lounge in West Yorkshire.